Phenomenology as Expanding Sphere of “Evidence”

First, we must do a bit of unfortunate but impossible to have avoided correction regarding phenomenology as it has been received not only in the modern Patristic Tradition, but also in the world at large.

The reception of it has been to reject it out of hand because it deals only with evidence from human rationality and not with personal experience. Given that much of what has been received as Phenomenology predates even its formative maturity, leaving over 90 percent of its critical text as yet either unpublished or untranslated, the reception of it is understandable.

The kind of evidence Phenomenology exploits comes neither from empirical or intellectual objects, or from various convictions or belief systems, but rather from what is actually given in human experience. This opens it up to the religious sphere of existence, although in its own fundamentally unique way, it constitutes its own quality of givenness.

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